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In today’s competitive business environment, it is crucial that quality and productivity are combined to give your business the edge. Whether using traditional MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding or the latest laser technology, Air Products’ gases and supply solutions are proven to provide the highest weld and cut quality, to minimize rejects and to increase productivity. Our gas and gas supply installations offer the highest safety standards, and with your health in mind, are carefully assessed to ensure minimum impact on the work environment.


Ask the Expert

Jason Picard
Jason Picard

Welding and Metal Fabrication Specialist

Need help deciding which Ar/CO₂ blend is right for your welding process?

Base material thickness is probably the most important variable. Welding on thicker materials requires more penetration; therefore, choosing the correct shielding gas mix and wire is critical. 

  • For thicker weldments above 1/8”, 75/25 Ar/CO₂ with flux core wire or 90/10 metal core wire can improve penetration.
  • 75/25 flux core offers great versatility in all positions and is the most common in commercial production welding shops for structural weldments.
  • 90/10 metal core makes the weld puddle soupy, more fluid, and harder to handle for vertical and overhead positions. However, it has great penetration for flat and horizontal on T and Butt Joints.
  • 75/25 solid wire and short circuit transfer is typical when welding on 1/8” material or less with the correct amperage and voltage. This allows for better control and welding can be done in all positions with less penetration above 1/8” weldments. The 75/25 gas mix works great for sheet metal, car body shops and thinner mild steel weldments.

Air Products offers a full range of standard shielding gases for MIG/MAG and TIG welding for all common material types. These are available in cryogenic liquid vessel sizes to meet all of your welding needs. Our unique range of shielding gases has been designed following rigorous testing under real working conditions. They offer the highest levels of performance to maximize your productivity, increase efficiency, reduce rejects, and improve your working environment. Contact us and our experienced applications team will use their knowledge of your industry and application to provide you with a supply of welding gases and a technology solution to meet your unique needs.



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