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Sewer water treatment
Water and Wastewater


Modular water treatment solutions bring cost efficiency and environmental benefits

Our robust modular solutions combine all the proven advantages of pure oxygen aeration, ozone and advanced oxidation with patented high mass transfer technology. Our waste-free advanced technology delivers highly effective, low-cost solutions, utilizing a modular approach to meet specific needs and specific treatment goals now and in the future.

Our Halia® aeration systems are specially designed to work with any water plant configuration and to cover a huge range of oxygen needs. The process is engineered to achieve a dissolution efficiency of more than 90%.

Easy Installation

In existing basins, the aerator is simply lowered into the basin and started in a few hours, without modification or emptying.

Small Footprint

The equipment (tank, controls and aerators) fits easily within existing water plant structures.


Air Products offers the system for rent. The standard units are adaptable to any basin.


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