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Food Grade Gases

Gases for your food or beverage processes

Are you a food processor, a beverage producer, or working in the agricultural area?

Are you looking for gases to improve your processes?

We offer a range of high purity gases and gas-enabled equipment to help you improve your products' yield, quality or shelf life; speed up or slow down your production process; alleviate production bottlenecks and much more.

Whatever the mode of supply you need, from CryoEase microbulk tanks to larger bulk tanks, or even on-site gas generation, we have the know-how and capability to supply you wherever your business may be.

​​Our Full Range of Food Gases and Solutions for You

Food Grade Nitrogen

To preserve your food products, chill, freeze, pressurize your packaging, and much more

Food Grade Carbon Dioxide

To preserve your food products, make your drinks fizzy, freeze, chill, speed up crop growth and much more

Food Grade Hydrogen

To hydrogenate your oils and fats


Ask the Expert

Food Industry Manager, Americas
Scott Robertson

Food Industry Manager, Americas

If I already have a mechanical freezing system, why would I consider nitrogen freezing?

Many of our customers use nitrogen to enhance their mechanical freezing process. Nitrogen can boost the capacity of your existing mechanical system.  It is also used to crust freeze to reduce belt sticking or to lock in moisture to improve yield. Let our Food Specialists determine the best solution for your process. 

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