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Hydrogen (H₂)

The cleanest burning and most efficient fuel ​

How Can Air Products Help with your Hydrogen Supply?​

Pipeline Supply

Connect with one of our pipeline systems around the world for large volumes and flexible supply of hydrogen

Temporary or Emergency Gas Services for Plants or Pipelines 

Air Products' APEX (Express) Hydrogen Services provide a fast, high pressure, reliable supply of high-purity hydrogen

State-of-the-Art On-Site Hydrogen Generation Technology

Air Products’ range of hydrogen manufacturing plants provide a reliable on-site supply of low-cost hydrogen.

Bulk Deliveries and Storage Systems 

Liquid or gas bulk deliveries and storage systems provide a safe, reliable supply option for high-purity hydrogen

Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure

We are a leading developer of hydrogen energy services and equipment

Large-Scale Hydrogen Plants

Air Products provides large dedicated on-site plant development.


Ask the Expert

My process requires high pressure hydrogen, what's the most efficient method of supply?

Our engineers can easily assess your operation and recommend the optimal supply mode, but Air Products is uniquely positioned to offer our patented Cryogenic Hydrogen Compression (CHC) technology for increased efficiency typically in the  50,000 to 1 million scf/day range.

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