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Syngas Solutions

Providing turnkey solutions to convert hydrocarbon feedstock into synthesis gas for high-value products and power

Air Products Syngas Solutions™ offers complete turnkey gasification complexes under a “Sale of Gas” model where Air Products builds, finances, owns, and operates the syngas production facility. This modern financial model allows customers to focus valuable capital, management and personnel on their own primary valued-added products. Our experience is in industrial gases…so let us take care of the complexities of running the syngas island.

We can provide a variety of highly reliable, low-cost syngas solutions tailored to convert hydrocarbon feedstock for your process requirements.

Why Air Products?

Turning solid hydrocarbons into syngas for downstream processing

Complete turnkey gasification plants under a “Sale of Gas” model

Air Products builds, owns and operates the syngas units in a complete turnkey gasification complex offered under a “Sale of Gas” model 

Decades of successful operation experience

Our coal gasification experience dates back to the early 1970s,  More than 30 Shell gasifiers (now Air Products GP) installed.

Continuous improvement on technologies

We keep improving our technologies through research and development and lessons learned to optimize our master designs

Wide range of feeds

Our gasifiers can process a wide range of solid fuels including various types of coal grades, petcoke, and biomass blends

Minimizing consumption of oxygen and fresh water

Our designs offer performance advantages by helping to minimize oxygen and fresh water consumption

Extensive experience in gasifier startup and operation

As both a gasifier process owner and an operator, we have extensive experience in gasifer start-up, operation and maintenance


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