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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)

Application expertise, supply security, and quality you can depend on

Certified Quality Specifications

Air Products is certified to the highest benchmarks for Food Safety standards and Water Quality assurances

Secure Supply Delivered Safely

Utilizing a robust plant and distribution network, combined with industry-leading safety standards, Air Products keeps you running

Industry Applications and Expertise

Let our team of applications engineers work with you to understand your needs and deliver the optimal CO₂ solution

Operational Efficiency

Air Products manages your tank inventory, delivering on time and with the right volume to match your production


Ask the Expert

Why is carbon dioxide used in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)?

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) inhibits the growth of most aerobic bacteria and moulds. Generally speaking, the higher the level of CO₂, the longer the achievable shelf-life. However, CO₂ is readily absorbed by fats and water - therefore, most foods will absorb CO₂. Excess levels of CO₂ in MAP can cause flavour tainting, drip loss and pack collapse. It is important, therefore, that a balance is struck between the commercially desirable shelf-life of a product and the degree to which any negative effects can be tolerated. When CO₂ is required to control bacterial and mould growth, a minimum of 20% is recommended.


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