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Air Products has taken a leadership position in the development of hydrogen technologies that provide reliable and resilient power and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We deployed our first hydrogen fueling station in 1993 and have developed an extensive patent portfolio related to hydrogen supply and dispensing technology based on performing millions of safe fills. Significant advances have been—and continue to be—made in the use of hydrogen both as a transportation fuel and a fuel for power generation. With more than 60 years of hydrogen experience, Air Products is on the forefront of hydrogen energy technology development.

Landmark U.S. $4.5 Billion Louisiana Blue Hydrogen Clean Energy Complex

Air Products will invest $4.5B to build-own-operate the world’s largest blue hydrogen production facility, producing over 750 MMSCFD of blue hydrogen in Louisiana, USA. A portion of the blue hydrogen will be compressed and supplied to customers by our U.S. Gulf Coast pipeline network; the balance will be used to make blue ammonia that will be transported around the world and converted back to blue hydrogen for transportation and other markets.

The megaproject will also capture over five million metric tons per year of CO₂, making it the largest carbon capture for sequestration facility in the world. Numerous studies have shown that Louisiana’s geology is some of the best in the world for permanent geologic sequestration.

The project is expected to be operational in 2026. 

Landmark New Net-zero Hydrogen Energy Complex in Canada

Air Products and its subsidiary Air Products Canada Ltd., in conjunction with the Government of Canada and the Province of Alberta, are planning to build a landmark new net-zero hydrogen energy complex.

The project will begin with a transformative $1.3 billion (CAD) net-zero hydrogen production and liquefaction facility expected onstream in 2024. Air Products will deploy advanced hydrogen technology and innovative design to deliver net-zero emissions. The new facility will capture over 95 percent of the carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the feedstock natural gas and store it safely back underground. Hydrogen-fueled electricity will offset the remaining five percent of emissions.

The clean energy complex will help refining and petrochemical customers served by the Air Products Heartland Hydrogen Pipeline to reduce their carbon intensity. The complex also marks a first in the wider use of hydrogen in Alberta, enabling the production of liquid hydrogen to be an emissions-free fuel in the transportation sector, and to generate clean electricity. This is expected to have a positive impact in lowering Alberta’s carbon emissions.

Advancing Hydrogen Technologies

We are responsible for introducing numerous developments in the hydrogen energy market. Here are just a few.  

High-pressure Composite Delivery Trailers and Mobile Fueler

Deployed the first 7500 psi trailer for delivering hydrogen to automotive stations, enabling reduced distribution and fueling station costs. Similar concept has been employed to develop a mobile fueler by adding on-board dispensing capability.

Dual-phase Liquid Hydrogen Trailers

Deployed the world's only hydrogen trailer that can deliver two-phase product, both liquid and gaseous hydrogen, which can be used to reduce the cost of distributing hydrogen fuel.

Cryogenic Two-phase Compression

Designed and deployed the only two-phase cryogenic compressor, which enables reduced capital, lower operating costs and high throughput at liquid hydrogen-based fueling stations.

Hydrogen Fueling Protocols

Developed and patented fueling protocols that enable safe, efficient and reliable hydrogen dispensing for vehicles, which has become the SAE standard protocol for safely fueling vehicles.

Small Onsite Steam Methane Reformers

Developed a state-of-the-art onsite hydrogen generator that enables distributed generation of hydrogen fuel

Tri-generation from Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Power Plant

Led a project team using key Air Products process technologies to convert bio-methane into renewable heat, power and hydrogen at a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The technology applies to various renewable offgas streams. 

Onsite Electrolyzer-based Fueling System

Developed a state-of-the-art onsite hydrogen fueling system that enables renewable generation of hydrogen fuel and a low overall system carbon index.

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Liquid Hydrogen Trailers Designed for Safety

Our 10,000 gallon liquid hydrogen trailers, used in energy and other industrial markets, have been designed for the safe unloading of liquid hydrogen, particularly at fueling stations located in densely populated areas. With novel dispensing connections to fill and withdraw liquid hydrogen, our H2fM® trailers enable unloading with almost no venting, meeting all regulatory requirements.

Built within a 30-foot ISO container that meets UN portable tank specifications, the trailers are designed for the energy market to accommodate permitting to meet safety distance requirements. Our H2fM® trailers also meet ASME Section X11 standards and have third-party ABS and DOT-SP approvals.

Remote Hydrogen Fueling

Based on our extensive hydrogen experience and contributions to the evolution of fuel cell technology, Air Products designed the H2fM® portable hydrogen fueler to provide hydrogen fueling whenever and wherever it is needed. Complete with fueling storage and dispensing, our portable hydrogen fueler can be transported from location to location to ensure daily, around-the-clock hydrogen vehicle fueling availability. With wireless telemetry, we can remotely monitor the fuel level and refill the portable hydrogen fueler in place or exchange it for a full unit when the hydrogen storage quantity is low. There are currently 17 Air Products portable hydrogen fuelers operating in the U.S. and worldwide today.

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